2nd Due Reported Hotel Fire
By Board of Director Justin Karasek
June 8, 2022

Units responded to a reported fire at a hotel. Caller reported smoke conditions on the 4th floor. Engine 511 arrived on scene as 2nd due, Engine 511's job was to secure a water supply along with connecting the engine to the buildings Fire Department Connections (FDC) which allows the engine crews to hook up a Hi-rise line to a pipe in the stairwell instead of stretching a hose line all the way up to the 4th floor. While engine 511 driver made all the connections the rest of the crew deployed the Hi-rise pack to the 4th floor and made the connection at the pipe and quickly stretched the line down the hallway to the fire room. Engine 522 & Rescue 522 (first due) had gained entry to the room and found the stove was left on with the contents inside burnt which cause the smoke, the crew secured the stove. The crew from Truck 511 ventilated the hallway, while other units assisted with evacuation of the building until the all clear was given by Battalion 504 who was in command of the incident. Great work by all crews to quickly contain and eliminate the situation. Minimal damage was done to the building and occupants were allowed back in a short time after. Fire marshal was on scene to investigate it further.

Units: E511 T511 BC504
Mutual Aid: 22 Box