Valorous Unit Award
By General Member John Reilly
April 3, 2022

Valorous Unit Award

On April 2nd, Prince William County 911 Communications received a call from a citizen that advised that he was shot and needed assistance at the Manassas Mall. The caller was unable to clearly articulate where exactly he was, or who had shot him despite repeated attempts by call takers. Units were dispatched and responded to the rear of the mall. There was a large civilian presence in the parking lot, and information relayed to responders was unclear due to the lack of clear and credible information provided by the victim. The shooter status was still unknown and it want unclear if there were other patients. The police were working to secure the scene and happened across the first patient. Units found the patient located in a dark isolated area of the parking lot between two buses. Medic 11 and Ambulance 11 quickly worked to stabilize the patient. Shortly after arrival of the initial units, the police found a second patient close to the side exit of the mall. This patient was not breathing and did not have a pulse. CPR was initiated by Prince William County Police Department and fire and rescue units responded. While Medic 11 transported their patient to Manassas Airport for medi-vac, Truck 11/Ambulance 11/ Medic 11B/ and Engine 11’s crews worked to revive the second patient. Crews worked for over a half hour to attempt to save the patients life while still under guard of PD due to unknown location of shooter.

The coordinated efforts of the 911 communications center, police department, and fire and rescue units brought this chaotic scene under control in a timely manner. Well done by all involved. #PWValor #Local2598

Medic 11 - M. Mohr, A. Morris, E. Allen
Medic 11B - H. Pereira, C. Richards, J. Neal
Truck 11 - M. Moore, T. Wrye, A. Negvesky, M. Bodmer
Stone House Volunteer Fire Department - Q. Thompson, P. Schumaker, L. Rupp, E. Neff, M. Harlow, J. Karasek, E. Castillo, R. Johnson
Prince William County 911 Communications - M. Lavender, S. Sims, A. Parrish, K. McIlvoy, R. Panone, S. Halpin, L. Kristner